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Girl What’s In Your P.U.R.S.E

A book, with more than just a story, there’s a purpose.

Praise for Girl What’s In Your P.U.R.S.E

“For any woman that doesn’t know “

This book is written for women, but I found it a fascinating read. The author does a great job explaining financial concepts in a very entertaining and relatable way. She presents somewhat technical information in a non-threatening way. The author does a great job simplifying the subject matter. For any woman who doesn’t know where to start, I would recommend this book.

-Andre Buckley

“An Amazing Read”

Girl What’s in Your PURSE is an AMAZING read!
I was sooo inspired by the authors balance of both simplicity and depth on the subject of finances.
I’ve been on the road to getting my PURSE together for some time now and found the challenges fun.
After I started reading the book, I had a hard time putting it down! The information is so organized and non-threatening.
If you want understanding on the importance of a financial portfolio and practical application but don’t know where to start, then you NEED this book! You won’t be disappointed.

-Margaret S Layton-Pearl

“This book is so necessary!”

I had the pleasure of reading Girl! What’s In Your Purse? and was able to take away so many valuable tips from it! One of the things that stood out was Protection! While most of us live day by day, we forget about the importance of planning for the future, and making sure either ourselves or our loved ones will be okay in the event something happens to one of us. Latrice did a great job of highlighting why we need to have things such as life insurance policies in place. This book is so necessary!

– LaShawnda Carey

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