Do you dream of…

+ Having control of your finances?

+ Being debt-free?

+ Feeling empowered and educated when it comes to what’s in your purse? 

If that’s a yes, you’re in the right place.

Quickie financial consultation-

20 minute session


Purse or Wallet Check

Are you ready to take the next step towards managing your personal and/or business finances?  We’re here to help. In this 20 minute session, we will assess your current financial position and recommend the proper financial strategies for you to explore.

 After our consultation, you will receive a follow-up email with at least three financial recommendations to help you complete your financial goal.

Financial Audit- 90 Minute Session

Purse/Wallet Clean-Out

This intensive consultation is designed to take a deep look into your finances.  There will be an assessment of your monthly income, expenses, debt, insurances, investments and credit.  We will discuss your current financials, financial struggles, and financial goals.

Within a 10-days, after our consultation you will receive a comprehensive analysis of your finances and customized recommendations to help you complete your goals and reach financial freedom.

credit analysis, audit, & consultation


Enhance Your Make-Up Bag!

This intensive consultation is designed to take a deeper look at your credit.  During our hour together, you will receive a customized credit audit.  Together we analyze your credit report and develop an action plan toward your desired credit score to accomplish your financial goals.

Please note in addition to booking this session; for credit monitoring purposes you are required to establish and maintain an account with IdentityIQ.  Steps to establish an account will be emailed to you after you confirmed your initial consultation.

Ready to Clean Out Your P.U.R.S.E? Join the Inner Circle!

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