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insurances for you and your family is a must!


Insurance is the unquestionable way to effectively create, protect and transfer wealth.

Ladies! The very first thing every woman should carry in their purse is some protection.

Insurances for you and your family is to protect you all from the “What If’s” in life.  Ladies!  The very first thing every woman should carry in their purse is some protection. 

Life insurance is the foundation of every woman’s financial portfolio.  It’s the unquestionable way to effectively create, protect and transfer wealth. There’s no point of earning income, saving and investing without protecting it.  Think about it, IF you, your spouse and/or child(ren)’s father were to prematurely pass away today; beyond emotionally, how would that financially impact your household? 

As humans, our greatest asset is our ability to earn an income and death or disability can take that away. Therefore, we must protect our income. In addition to paying for final arrangements, life insurance replaces lost income and so much more.  Which is why life insurance if the first thing we will put in our purse! 

We insure our cars, homes, phones and even put warranties on our children’s toys.  Why not insure our lives and those that we love?

let Your Rainy Day Fund Stand Out from The rest


An umbrella’s primary purpose is to protect and keep you dry from the rain. The sole purpose of having an umbrella “rainy day” or as many like to call it an “emergency fund”; is to provide you with a safety net that financially protects you and your family from the storms that life may bring. 

Your “umbrella” allows you the ability to pay for unexpected expenses that occur without missing a beat on your daily expenses.  It keeps you from “robbing Peter to pay Paul,” getting into unnecessary credit card debt and/or having to decide whether or not to pay a household bill or get the muffler fix.

You can rest well at night knowing that you can financially handle the unexpected with ease such a sudden job loss, sickness and/or furnace going out!

A Realistic Budget

Grocery List

Having a financial plan is like a having a grocery list while at the supermarket.  It’s a guide to help keep you on track towards obtaining your wants and needs within the allotted money you have.  Making small or large purchases and/or financial decisions without a budget will have you getting things you don’t need, left without enough money and deciding what to put back.

Good credit to enhance your financial position!

Makeup Bag

Ladies, we ALL possess individual natural beauty.  Our natural beauty is us, in our God given raw state; what you see is what you get.  However, many of us keep a make-up bag just in case we want to enhance our natural beauty.  It gives us a little more edge while boosting our confidence a little more.  We can go as simple as just making our lips pop with lip-gloss but if need be we have all the essentials to pull-off a full “face beat!”  

Good credit is the make-up bag to your cash!  Like make-up, when needed, good credit provides you a little more confidence because you have enhanced your cash position, added a boost to your purchasing power by providing you with financial leverage to obtain items that you do not have the cash to purchase.  

Your Retirement policy

A Polished G.E.M

Your retirement portfolio should be treated like precious jewelery.

Your retirement portfolio should be treated like precious jewelry; depending on how well you take care of it, over time it will increase in value. 

A Retirement portfolio is made up of three components: 

Government – (Social Security) 

Employer Benefits – employer sponsored plans such as pensions, 401k, 403b, profit sharing and etc.

Me – any contribution you make into your retirement account

Multiple streams of income never hurt anybody

Multiple Checkbooks

Ladies we all want to learn how we can bring more money into the house!  Well, multiple checkbooks/streams of income is the solution. 

Although budgeting, saving and credit is important; you CANNOT budget and save your way to wealth! A person’s greatest financial asset is their ability to generate income. 

Think about it, if you have no way to generate income, how will you continue to survive?  You need Earned (Active) Income and several Unearned (Passive/Residual/Portfolio) Income.   Have you heard people say, “I make money in my sleep?”  They do this through unearned income.  People of wealth generate a substantial amount of their wealth from “unearned income.”  This simply means receiving money without “physically or intellectually” working for someone or an entity.  They are earning income from work completed in the past or from a financial investment made. 

The key to creating and sustaining wealth is your ability to convert your earned income into passive, residual and/or portfolio income.  Mastering this skill will allow you to operate in financial freedom and not relying or needing a paycheck from a job.  You have the freedom to work because you want to; not because you have to! 

who’s your fab five?

Little Black Book

You need five fabulous people on your team to help generate, protect, and transfer wealth.  

Financial Advisor

The best financial advisor for a woman is a woman.  Having a financial advisor that is a female means you’ll have financial guidance from someone that relates to the unique financial situations that you face as a woman.


Most people think they can’t afford to have an accountant.  Trust me you cannot afford not to have an accountant!  They will keep you in good standings with the IRS!


It’s essential to know a great lawyer.  A lawyer provides you with the legal guidance to wrap your finances in a pretty bow.  This is where you go to for advice on wills, trusts, estate planning, business structures and etc.


Your banker should be one of your best friends!  They are going to point you in the direction of where money is at and how to get it!


Surround yourself with at least one person that is stretch you to achieve GREATNESS!

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