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Latrice S. Goodwine, MBA

Born and raised in Saginaw, Michigan, Latrice is a proud graduate of the Saginaw public school system.  Latrice continued her education with Bachelor of Business Administration in Banking/Finance and Management with a Minor in Accountancy from Northwood University.  Then received her Masters of Business Administration in Strategic Leadership from Walsh College.

With almost 20 years of experience in community development and financial industry – Latrice is the financial bestie to over 2,500 internationally! 

Born to change the culture of financial literacy within our community for your business and personal life, she is the personal and business financial coach you are looking for!  Latrice’s outgoing personality coupled with her wealth of knowledge make financial literacy & planning  NON-INTIMIDATING, FUN and RELATABLE to women in every phase of their life.

My Story

How I Got Started

Due to limited exposure to finance as a child, I graduated college, very good at solving textbook problems but with no “real” understanding of money, how it worked or how to make it work for me. As a result, as a young successful banker I was reckless with money! I spent every dime I made and applied & charged every credit card I was approved for. By my mid-twenties I had no savings, more debt than I could manage and eventually bad credit – I even considered filing bankruptcy!

After a visit with a financial advisor, I set out to learn the “real world” of finance and not what was taught in textbooks.  After I cleaned up my horrible financial situation I studied to become a financial advisor.  I was motivated to share the fundamentals of wealth with my culture, especially women on how to become financially empowered and prepared. 

In 2013, I fulfilled that goal and become a licensed financial advisor with my Series 7 & 66 and insurance licensures. In this capacity, I assisted hundreds of individuals, families and local businesses to diagnose current financial positions and develop customized strategies to achieve financial goals such as: maximizing wealth, reducing tax liabilities, retirement planning and protecting accumulated assets through insurance strategies.  

Although I enjoyed being a traditional financial advisor, something was missing.  After attending a Women’s Empowerment Brunch on January 1, 2018, in Detroit, MI; Girl! What’s in Your P.U.R.S.E? was born!

With this platform, I coach women around the world on becoming financially empowered and prepared with tips, concepts, and strategies that address unique financial situations that women face in every stage of our lives.  


"The only person you can be is you; embrace it! Don't allow anyone to make you feel bad or ashamed for living an authentic life."

Latrice S Goodwine, Girl What’s In Your P.U.R.S.E?

"Every woman's purse should contain her Purpose, Passion, and Plan that is Unique to her aspirations, Reliant upon a solid foundation that will Evolve her into greatness!

Latrice S Goodwine, Girl What’s In Your P.U.R.S.E?

"Any goal worth having requires discipline."

Latrice S Goodwine, Girl What’s In Your P.U.R.S.E?

What I Do

I Help Women Complete Their Financial Goals!

Personal Finance Coaching, Education, and Mindset Training

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