The Pay Yourself First Challenge!
Who’s In?

Hey girl, for the next 30 days we’re going to pay ourselves “save” the 1st hour of our workday’s pay rate. 

  • For example, if you make $20/hour and work 5 days a week, you’ll end up saving $100 a week.
  • If you are salary, take your salary and divide it by the number of hours you work.  For example, if you earn $2,000/bi-weekly, divide that by 80 hours.  That equals $25/hour.
  • My ladies that are work on commission, in sales and/or entrepreneurs; you’re going to save whatever you earn that 1st hour of every day that you work.

The way you save it is totally up to you.  You can put it in the bank, a shoebox, investment account or etc…..what ever method will help you save!


During the challenge, we’re going to check in to share with one another on how we’re doing.